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I walked into a coffee shop tonight as I took a short break (between acting lessons and a fun music event) to enjoy a book  and about 1 hour into it I briefly glanced at the yellow wall to my left. In a span of 0.5 seconds something told me to look again and, to my delight, I saw a picture of me taken by the exceptionally gifted photographer Jennie Edwards. This photograph is part of her Celebration of Beauty Sessions and I feel privileged  to be one of the featured models.


Thank you, Jennie Edwards. I feel honored!

Celebration of Beauty Sessions - J. Edwards










*For those in town: please visit The Living Room Cafe at 1018 Rosecrans Street. San Diego, CA 92106. You’ll have a wonderful time, listen to great music, enjoy delicious deserts, and see beautiful photos.


Thank you for all your love and support,

Flora Sofia

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  1. cARLA says:

    Loved the picture! Loved the model! Loved the song!

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