Celebrating Another Success!

Two nights ago was the premiere of Group C films of the 2012 48 Hour Film Project in San Diego and I was there!

It was a very festive, high-energy, fashion-driven evening of many creative geniuses who gathered together to see theirs and their peers’ final products. The spirit of camaraderie was shared by all as we sat in the theater in anticipation of what had been reserved for us. From film 1 to film 12 there it was; the evidence of concerted effort of all the talented members of each individual team brought together with one common goal in mind: to make dreams come alive on screen with only 48 hours to make them happen.

Once again I was honored to be there and witness that exciting evening. It was a pleasure seeing my “team” again and together celebrate our Friendly Skies success.

Thank you “friendlies” and Duane Trammel of the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project.

I am looking forward to what’s next!

Lots of love and joy,

Flora Sofia.

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