Yesterday was Fathers Day here in the US and it was also my favorite day of the year!

Por casualidad my birthday this year was the same day the whole country celebrated love and kindredship and boy was that a tough crowd to compete with!

No… not really! I was delighted to have an intimate brunch with my closest friends and watch people celebrate the men that made their life possible.

It was a beautiful sunny day of fun, laughter, love sharing, and shopping. The perfect day to have salud, amor, dinero y tiempo para disfrutarlo. And it wouldn’t have been complete without the international calls from my family in Brazil (oh, and they surprised me with beautiful flowers too!) ┬áBut the celebration continues! Today I had the honor to be toasted at rehearsal (or should we call it first reading) by my new directors and fellow cast members with a delicious gluten-free birthday cake! Not to mention the endless love I’ve been receiving from friends from all continents via social media.

I feel very blessed for having the love of my dear family, friends, and peers in this life that is a gift in itself.

Thank you all for making my day so special!

Muito amor,

Flora Sofia

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