World’s Largest Gathering of Fashion Film Makers

I am talking about the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

It happened this weekend in La Jolla and I attended! Of course I wouldn’t miss being in the audience for the screening of the product of many fashion geniuses. Names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, Marcus K Jones, Stephen Dirkes, and David Hache were included in the list of directors that filmed models such as Daphne Guiness, Tatiana Chechetova, Baptiste Giabiconi, Valeria Efanova, Vanessa Jobb, and Violetta S among many, many others. The films featured vintage, contemporary, and “mythological” fashion and portrayed several styles within the genre: lifestyle catalog, drama, dance, story-telling, transmutation, and romance could all be seeing at the screening.

Once again Fred Sweet and Linda Comer of San Diego Model Management did a brilliant job at making this wonderful event happen.

I’ll talk to you soon!



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