Voices from the Soul

Last Sunday, September 23, I attended to a performance directed by Woman Warrior Writer Suzanne E Morse, called Voices from the Soul. Suzanne is the founder and director of Heartfelt Voices United, an organization focused in bringing awareness and solutions to domestic and sexual violence issues to light.

I was directed by Suzanne in April of this year when I played Shannah Malen, a 15 year old sexually abused girl and witness of domestic violence against her mother which was inflicted to them by her father. That was a very tragic story that ended with Shannah going to jail after killing her father in self-defense.

In the most recent performance Suzanne directed a number of short plays, scenes, and monologues addressing the many scenarios pertinent to a victim’s life. From mourning family members, to a support group, to newly empowered and healed women, the audience had a full view of what happens in the dry reality of sexual violence against women.

Another interesting fact about the event was the presence of current San Diego mayoral candidates Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner whom stated their position about sexual violence and gave us some idea of what their intentions are in addressing this important issue, if elected.

My experience being a spectator this time was truly enriching and it was wonderful to see fellow actors perform so well to tell the stories written by survivor Suzanne.

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2 Responses to Voices from the Soul

  1. It is good that Suzanne presented such heart wrenching situations to the public in script form. It is so important for the public to be aware of these things and to show some empathy. Glad the politicians came out to support a great cause.

  2. Tommy Stamatelos says:

    Voices from thr Soul was too close to my experience. Still a few issues left.

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