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It’s really exciting to see how much the acting/entertainment industry is growing in San Diego!

So there is this hot group of highly talented  and skilled people in town who are producing webisodes and showcasing the best of San Diego’s musicians. The goal is to showcase the artists’ talent and share their stories (which we usually don’t hear or see in the mainstream media) with the public. All genres will be represented.

I am really stoked for this opportunity –  to be a host in the show – and contribute to have America’s finest city shine even brighter!

As we produce, showcase, and achieve great success it will be wonderful to be picked up by one of San Diego local channels and be massively broadcast, allowing the entire community to learn more about our own. (Hint, hint)

If you appreciate music of any genre and/or are into supporting your local community, here is an opportunity to be part of making this happen:

Make a donation to San Diego Sessions by visiting the kickstarter website

Sessions San Diego

Your donation will make this project possible and I can’t wait to introduce you to San Diego’s best musical talent!

Love always,



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