What Happened on Spring 2013

It was the most exciting time!

I was invited by the Downtown Mainstreet Encinitas Association to be part of this year’s fashion show.

I had the opportunity to co-cast, model, and coach at this event which was highly successful. We counted with great sponsors, a great audience both in numbers and in fun, and raised money to Carol’s House, a safe haven for women and children escaping from domestic violence.

It felt really special to work with great minds, a group of 12 fun and talented models, and do good to our society, to our mothers and children in need of a safe place to thrive.

Here is a little of what happened:

Flora Sofia by Ira Gagon

Z Code Encinitas fashion show


Ranch and Coast  Encinitas fashion show










Flora Sofia model coach


Flora Sofia model coach









Flora Sofia fashion show applause


92024 Encinitas Fashion Showweb









(See Flora on the runway)

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