From the Weekend on Set

March 14 and 15 were two very warm days in San Diego. Temperatures were in the 80s last weekend – what a winter! Nonetheless, it was a great time to work and create great filmmaking. The crew, the cast and I were on the set of Private Investigations last weekend, filming more than a handful of scenes involving a mom, her daughter and girlfriends, and the extended family. Can you imagine what happens when a bunch of vibrant, lively, gutsy women spend two days on set? If you thought explosive fun, you thought right!

Alright, I fess up! I was a bit beat.

Alright, I fess up! I was a bit beat after we wrapped up.

Many people don’t know how much it takes to film one single scene. It’s intense work! These were long days that ended up not feeling long at all – thanks to all the fun we had. Our directors’ and producers’ intention for a great weekend set just the right tone.

It’s a great thing to do what you love, love what you do, and work (and make friends with) with great people.

I give thanks to Renee for her help with wardrobe, Darryl and Paul for the great direction, Stephanie, Megan, Veronica, Danni, Marla, Jonathan, Patricia, Lorenzo, and Safiya for the great fun and sharp skill, and to all the crew for the light, the camera, the blocking, the pictures, the slating, and the ACTION!

Happy days of filmmaking!

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