I grew up in an intellectual household and learned invaluable things that will always be with me – life skills and ways of being, acquired during my formation years.

It was only much, much later, when I started internally venturing out from that environment and trying out new things, one of them, modeling (who is the black sheep?). After four years as a model I started taking acting lessons and gave my intellectual self another chance at a breakthrough from the shyness and sense of overwhelm that a camera and the stage can impose.

But if you are a model and actor, or one of the two, you know that there is always something new you can learn about your craft. In order to maximize your potential and have an unmatched uniqueness, you must put your natural talents and learned skills to use. That’s the magic of being you!

I am really stoked today for the opportunity to use some of my innate talents – being fluent in multiple languages – in Private Investigations – The Web Series. Not only is it awesome to work with great people, but it is also really rewarding being able to participate in the script writing as a translator.Você fala português?

So, stick around and you’ll soon have entertainment with a touch of different languages.

*Fun fact 1: I started my career as a Spanish teacher at age 17 and as a translator at age 20.

*Fun fact 2: My siblings and I are fluent in 2 or more languages. My dad had 7 under his belt (I guess we are short 4)!

Flora Sofia

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