Fashion For Causes Fashion Show

It’s the New Year!

Flora Sofia and Jim Lutes toast the New Year at Osetra

After toasting 2018 with my best friend of 10 years, in the booming Gaslamp district, I was ready to rock it! I think my friend and  international mind performance trainer, Jim Lutes, picked up on it and only a couple of days later, he brought to my attention an upcoming fashion show in San Diego. I then contacted the fashion designer in charge, Vida Craddock, and after working out a few details, we closed the deal: I would be walking for her on the Fashion for Causes fundraiser show, benefiting the San Diego Coalition for the Homeless and the Urban Street Angels.

The show happened on a sunny and warmer-than-usual January Saturday.

Celebrity Fashion Designer Vida Craddock

Vida has a keen eye for fashion and a mind of her own when creating her clothes. Dresses, gowns, jackets, tunics, pants, shoes! Count on Vida to create something to add a pop of personality to his or her wardrobe. Vida brought a vast selection of her fashions to the show and, after flirting and playing with several of them, I said yes to the golden gown.

We were a vibrant group of models from San Diego and Los Angeles areas walking down the runway. We shared the floor with inspiring speakers who highlighted the importance of bringing awareness to important social issues like homelessness, bullying and depression. The speakers, in their human-kindness, shared about their vehicle of change and empowerment and inspired all who listened to their messages.

Some of the keynote speakers were: Kamille Stone, Ken Gora, Brian Sebastian, and Al Harris.

Flora Sofia wearing a Vida Craddock gown

What would be an event without its documentation? To take care of that we counted with the presence of Bob Delgadillo and Vincent A Chavez. Miss Roxzandra Rockheart, who took beautiful photographs also showed her breathtaking designs. The cherry on top!

Vida Craddock also presented Appreciation Awards to members of the community and supporters of the event, to acknowledge them for the hard work and contribution to society, to the event, and to raising awareness to important, current issues.

Vida, the star of the show, has a unique way of bringing people together. Her kindness, joy, creativity, and humanity are inspiring to all who know her.

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