I grew up in an intellectual household and learned invaluable things that will always be with me – life skills and ways of being, acquired during my formation years.

It was only much, much later, when I started internally venturing out from that environment and trying out new things, one of them, modeling (who is the black sheep?). After four years as a model I started taking acting lessons and gave my intellectual self another chance at a breakthrough from the shyness and sense of overwhelm that a camera and the stage can impose.

But if you are a model and actor, or one of the two, you know that there is always something new you can learn about your craft. In order to maximize your potential and have an unmatched uniqueness, you must put your natural talents and learned skills to use. That’s the magic of being you!

I am really stoked today for the opportunity to use some of my innate talents – being fluent in multiple languages – in Private Investigations – The Web Series. Not only is it awesome to work with great people, but it is also really rewarding being able to participate in the script writing as a translator.Você fala português?

So, stick around and you’ll soon have entertainment with a touch of different languages.

*Fun fact 1: I started my career as a Spanish teacher at age 17 and as a translator at age 20.

*Fun fact 2: My siblings and I are fluent in 2 or more languages. My dad had 7 under his belt (I guess we are short 4)!

Flora Sofia

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Health is Key

Flora on the Rocks

Flora on the Rocks

One of my favorite things in life is to be outdoors and enjoy outdoor sports. For many years now I have been into regular workouts at the gym, Yoga (I am sure you have seen a couple of photos here on my website), swimming, and I recently have resumed one of my biggest passions: rock climbing.

Each one provides a different result but all have the same goal: they help me stay in good health. I think I became interested in staying healthy from hearing my dad refer to the aphorism “mens sana in corpore sano” often during my childhood. So in Yoga I revitalize, re-energize, and stretch my body while centering and balancing my thoughts and attaining peacefulness. Swimming is a great ally to burn calories and for endurance conditioning. Weight lifting keeps my muscles strong and maintain an overall toned body. Finally, rock climbing, gives me the opportunity to put all of the above to test: it demands endurance, focus, muscle strength, and a little bit of boldness.

To me, the best part is that I have fun no matter what I choose to do. It’s fun all around!

See you out there!

Flora Sofia.

Climbing Feet

Climbing Feet

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From the Weekend on Set

March 14 and 15 were two very warm days in San Diego. Temperatures were in the 80s last weekend – what a winter! Nonetheless, it was a great time to work and create great filmmaking. The crew, the cast and I were on the set of Private Investigations last weekend, filming more than a handful of scenes involving a mom, her daughter and girlfriends, and the extended family. Can you imagine what happens when a bunch of vibrant, lively, gutsy women spend two days on set? If you thought explosive fun, you thought right!

Alright, I fess up! I was a bit beat.

Alright, I fess up! I was a bit beat after we wrapped up.

Many people don’t know how much it takes to film one single scene. It’s intense work! These were long days that ended up not feeling long at all – thanks to all the fun we had. Our directors’ and producers’ intention for a great weekend set just the right tone.

It’s a great thing to do what you love, love what you do, and work (and make friends with) with great people.

I give thanks to Renee for her help with wardrobe, Darryl and Paul for the great direction, Stephanie, Megan, Veronica, Danni, Marla, Jonathan, Patricia, Lorenzo, and Safiya for the great fun and sharp skill, and to all the crew for the light, the camera, the blocking, the pictures, the slating, and the ACTION!

Happy days of filmmaking!

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Film Awards

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I here I am.

The last entertainment industry event I attended to in San Diego was the San Diego Film Awards and it was great fun! It happened at the Horton Grand Hotel in the Gaslamp District on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th. I joined two friends on Saturday evening and saw friends I hadn’t seen in a while, while getting to know new people and making new friends. I was delighted to see how many film projects are being produced in San Diego these days.

Flora Sofia, Marla Bingham, and Terry Ross

Flora Sofia, Marla Bingham, and Terry Ross

San Diego is not only a beautiful city with the perfect weather but it is also the home of many creative talents – several of them have chosen to return to this coastal gem after living the Hollywood life. Being a smaller market than Los Angeles, San Diego allows you to create great relationships with like-minded people and feel like you are part of a big family.

The feeling of collaboration exuded all through the night as the ceremony took place. And there are many more films underway!

Here is where you can find more information about the 2015 San Diego Film Awards.

And on we go, preparing to be on set of Private Investigations this weekend. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Flora Sofia at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards

Flora Sofia at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards

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What Happened on Spring 2013

It was the most exciting time!

I was invited by the Downtown Mainstreet Encinitas Association to be part of this year’s fashion show.

I had the opportunity to co-cast, model, and coach at this event which was highly successful. We counted with great sponsors, a great audience both in numbers and in fun, and raised money to Carol’s House, a safe haven for women and children escaping from domestic violence.

It felt really special to work with great minds, a group of 12 fun and talented models, and do good to our society, to our mothers and children in need of a safe place to thrive.

Here is a little of what happened:

Flora Sofia by Ira Gagon

Z Code Encinitas fashion show


Ranch and Coast  Encinitas fashion show










Flora Sofia model coach


Flora Sofia model coach









Flora Sofia fashion show applause


92024 Encinitas Fashion Showweb









(See Flora on the runway)

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SessionS SD

It’s really exciting to see how much the acting/entertainment industry is growing in San Diego!

So there is this hot group of highly talented  and skilled people in town who are producing webisodes and showcasing the best of San Diego’s musicians. The goal is to showcase the artists’ talent and share their stories (which we usually don’t hear or see in the mainstream media) with the public. All genres will be represented.

I am really stoked for this opportunity –  to be a host in the show – and contribute to have America’s finest city shine even brighter!

As we produce, showcase, and achieve great success it will be wonderful to be picked up by one of San Diego local channels and be massively broadcast, allowing the entire community to learn more about our own. (Hint, hint)

If you appreciate music of any genre and/or are into supporting your local community, here is an opportunity to be part of making this happen:

Make a donation to San Diego Sessions by visiting the kickstarter website http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/691674986/san-diego-sessions

Sessions San Diego

Your donation will make this project possible and I can’t wait to introduce you to San Diego’s best musical talent!

Love always,



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Voices from the Soul

Last Sunday, September 23, I attended to a performance directed by Woman Warrior Writer Suzanne E Morse, called Voices from the Soul. Suzanne is the founder and director of Heartfelt Voices United, an organization focused in bringing awareness and solutions to domestic and sexual violence issues to light.

I was directed by Suzanne in April of this year when I played Shannah Malen, a 15 year old sexually abused girl and witness of domestic violence against her mother which was inflicted to them by her father. That was a very tragic story that ended with Shannah going to jail after killing her father in self-defense.

In the most recent performance Suzanne directed a number of short plays, scenes, and monologues addressing the many scenarios pertinent to a victim’s life. From mourning family members, to a support group, to newly empowered and healed women, the audience had a full view of what happens in the dry reality of sexual violence against women.

Another interesting fact about the event was the presence of current San Diego mayoral candidates Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner whom stated their position about sexual violence and gave us some idea of what their intentions are in addressing this important issue, if elected.

My experience being a spectator this time was truly enriching and it was wonderful to see fellow actors perform so well to tell the stories written by survivor Suzanne.

Until soon!

Lots of love,


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A Toast to International Peace Day

Celebrating International Peace Day with a song by my favorite Brazilian singer/songwriter Gilberto Gil. Click below to listen!

Here is the translation to English:


Peace has invaded my heart
Suddenly I was filled with peace
It was as if the wind of a typhoon
had plucked my feet off the ground,
which I will never bury myself in anymore

Peace made a sea of revolution
invade my destiny
A peace like a big explosion
Like that bomb over Japan that
gave birth to the Japan of peace

I thought of myself
I thought of you
I cried for us
What a contradiction
Only war transforms
our love into peace

I ended up in the quay
Where the road ends
Where the evening is lilac
Where the sea bursts in me
the lament of so many “woes”

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The Friendly Skies Online

Dear friends, family, and supporters:

I wanted to share with you the final video of The Friendly Skies. It is on the web and available for your entertainment :)

Click below and enjoy!

Lots of love ,

Flora Sofia


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I am really excited about this!

If you are in my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn networks you already know this, but I thought of posting this one especially so that you, my friends and supporters will be in the loop.

Today I am cerebrating a turning point in my life: I just created and launched my dream business. It’s a business that has been created by a woman and was made for women. It’s all about happiness, fulfillment, courage, strength, and much more. It was designed to empower women in having a great life, wonderful relationships, and added love and joy.

The name of the business is The Beautiful Power and you can find more information here:


I hope you enjoy what you see!

Feel free to share about it with your friends and family!

Lots of love and many blessings,


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